Following a successful summer of screams and the launch of Fear Masters – Scare in the Community Initiative, a fun and totally unique way of using Scare Entertainment to raise money and awareness of charitable organisations and the importance of the work that they do, Fear Masters got together with Elland based Heartbeat of Sport to help raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and the dangers of heart failure in sport. Chris Walton Fear Masters Creative Director wanted to do something different rather than just donate money from event ticket sales, he wanted members of the public to get involved and take part in events and help spread the word of the charities mission. What originally started out as a zombie walk soon grew into something much bigger, opening up the whole event to a much bigger audience. With monsters, zombies, maniacs and some very strange looking creatures! A fun day was had by all and quite a few heads were turned on the way as the procession made its way through Wakefield from the Hepworth gallery, but more importantly people were asking what it was all about- our mission was complete!

We raised awareness about the charity and the work that they do, we raised some money and had fun along the way. Chris wanted the money raised to go towards providing a defibrillator and training to a sports group in the area local to Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park in Wakefield, which is run by Fear Masters who’s head office in Leeds. There were so many choices as the dangers of sudden cardiac arrest are very real and can affect anyone and at any age, so after a lot of research and recommendations Chris decided to choose Normanton Sports Acro, the talent shown by these young people was just incredible, many of which will go along to be Olympic stars! But the dangers are still there, sudden cardiac arrest can and does happen to anyone at any age. The equipment and training provided by Heartbeat of Sport will hopefully save a young persons life, we hope it never has to be used, but it’s there and could potentially be a life saver.