The threat of cardiac arrest and heart attacks are now starting to be recognised by sporting institutions and non more so than when the club unexpectedly has to deal with it first hand.

This is what happened at Elland Cricket club, when a man suffered a heart attack whilst using the facilities. This prompted the club treasurer, Colin Bottomley to contact Heartbeat of Sport to see if we could help.

After a coffee and a chat, Colin liked the help we offered and we set the wheels in motion to get the defibrillator and CPR training for the club.

On the 23rd October we traveled the short distance from our office, up to Elland Cricket Club to deliver a defibrillator, full first aid and AED training.

The club boasts great facilities including a full sized county standard cricket field, two football pitches, two crown greens and two tennis courts. As well as all that, the fully licensed club house can hold functions for up to 400 people.

With all this activity and with such a variety of ages and ability in one place, it was a must that a defibrillator was made available.

Elland CC now have the defibrillator in place and people trained to use it. Those same people are also able to deliver effective CPR, so anyone using the facility are safe in the knowledge, should the worse happen, the club has the potential to save their life.

Well done to Elland cricket club!