How your business can help us

How your business can help us

Heartbeat of Sport receives no central funding and is reliant upon donations from benefactors, sponsored events (such as Golf Days) and the support of local businesses and community organisations to continue to fund its important work.  So, how can your business or the business that you work for help us?

Golf Days

Companies can enter teams to take part on the day or could sponsor a hole.  The event receives coverage on the web site, social media and local press providing a positive association for your business while helping us to raise the funding we need to continue our programme.

Corporate Sponsorship/Donations

Companies are able to provide a single donation or ongoing sponsorship for which they will receive positive coverage through our various communication channels as well as coverage in the local media.  We will also add your logo to the Supporters page on the web site.


We would be interested in hearing from any companies who may be able to donate equipment to support the work of the charity.  This can be equipment that the donating company either makes or sells and could include office furniture, computer equipments, vans/cars.


The charity are supported by a wide network of volunteers from a number of backgrounds.  In addition to physical objects, companies may also allow their employees to work on Heartbeat of Sport charities during their working hours or temporarily transfer a member of staff to the charity for a defined period.

If any of the above is of interest to you, or you would like to speak to us regarding a bespoke package, then please get in touch.

Financial Benefits

As well as allowing a business to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility, there are also a number of financial benefits for companies donating money, equipment/stock or land to charity as well as seconding employees to work on behalf of a charity in work time.  This takes the form of reduced Corporation Tax or tax relief for the sponsoring business.

More information on the tax benefits of donating to charity are available on the HMRC web site.