We at Heartbeat of Sport believe regular heart screening should be available and affordable to all people that participate in sports. Whether it professional or recreational, an underlying heart condition could be picked up through a simple test called an ECG or Electrocardiogram.

We work with a great team of medical staff, led by our Medical Adviser to provide a thorough ECG screening programme.

We begin by taking a short medical history including brief family history followed by an echocardiogram to pick up any abnormalities with the electrical activity around the heart. This is then followed by a quick examination by a member of our medical team, before sitting you down and going through your results and any remedial action.

Should further investigations be required, this can be arranged to identify and treat any underlying conditions which may be present.

Regardless of the result, Heartbeat of Sport are there to help and advise you on all aspects of cardiac health and also run a number of fitness camps and personal training sessions to help you shift those extra pounds or get back into gentle, regular exercise.