The Heartbeat of Sport charity is in the process of finalising their strategy for supporting the creation of new methods of early diagnosis and treatment of the causes of sudden cardiac arrest and the identification of at risk groups within general society and competitive sport in particular.

When you attend a screening event, you will be asked for your consent to store your data securely within the charitys information system and used according to a strict protocol. For example, the data may be used to allow the charity to track the demographics of the people to aid future planning. It may also be made available in an anonymised form (so that your identity is protected) to researchers who have gone through the appropriate process to request access to the data and used with other data to study Sudden Cardiac Arrest and related conditions.

The charity work with a number of NHS organisations, private healthcare providers, technology companies and academic researchers to build a broad based and multi-skilled team. This is typically on a voluntary basis to allow funding to flow back into the education, awareness and screening programmes that the charity operates.

As the strategy develops, we will publish further information on these pages along with dedicated pages to work alongside clinicians, academics and other interested parties.

For further information please contact us at and we will endeavour to answer any queries you may have.